Monday, February 22, 2010


Today was our first day of orientation... Like any other day, it started with a bang! Craig and I decided to take our boss, Nicole's advice on a shortcut to the school. Well, needless to say that we missed the turn off the shortcut, and wound up hiking a mountain. Im not kidding when I say that this was some of the steepest roads Ive ever walked on! We were so tired from hiking the steps, only to get to the very top and blocked off by a fence. We then had to turn around and walk down the hill. It was so steep that it was near impossible to walk. Your weight was almost forcing you to run! My legs are so tired now, that even standing is miserable!

We finally got to school and began the day observing the current teachers. My first class decided that I was Superman because I was so big and "strong"... little do they know! The rest of the hour, they kept asking me where my cape was, and if I used a phone booth. All you can really do is laugh and they are adorable, but at least I know what Im dressing up as for Halloween! Im amazed at how well the 6yr olds speak english. They are also far more disciplined and listen better than any American equivalents! I followed Travis around and watched him teach each class and enjoyed it. The kids seemed a little riled up because I was there, but in a good way. I do have to get used to how affectionate these kids are. I got so many hugs today, and they seemed to enjoy climbing all over me! Thats just the culture though, so I need to get used to it.

At lunchtime, we ate at a little Korean place just around the corner. I had sweet and sour pork, kimchi, and some odd soup that was delicious! This lunch was very filling and only cost $3! I love how cheap food is here. After lunch, Amanda put us through orientation and I was able to get a little more accustomed to how things are done. I really think Im gonna love teaching here! After school got out at 6pm, we all went to "On The Border" for dinner... I know, Mexican in Korea! It was good but quite expensive. It was a going away dinner for another teacher so Craig and I just tagged along. Martin seems like a great guy and has gone out of his way to help us anytime we need it.

That was my first day in a nut shell.. Tomorrow will be another long day, but Id have it no other way! I love teaching and these kids are amazing! I cant wait to have my own students and be able to work with them more! Korea is an amazing pace thus far, and I pray that Im not just in a "honeymoon" phase as I truly have loved every minute of my time here!

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